India Winter Program 2012/13

Studies in Indian Language, Culture, and Society

December 28th 2012 to January 11th / 25th 2013

New Delhi, Ajmer, Braj, Orchha

Experience India's Cultural Diversity

The India Winter Program offers a balanced curriculum of challenging Indian Cultural Studies paired with outstanding local and international faculty, providing top-notch seminars and trainings.

The characteristics of our academic program:

  • Gain fascinating cultural insights
  • Study in fun and interactive classes
  • Collect credits for university / college at home
  • Stay in your own appartment or with a local guest family

Learn Hindustani / Hindi / Urdu

Learn Hindi / Urdu / Hindustani (whether you will be learning it from scratch or already are in the midst of your studies)

How you will benefit from learning Hindustani:

  • Talk to the locals and discover a whole new world
  • Learn to communicate in one of the four most-used languages in the world
  • Make your CV stand out because only few foreigners speak it yet
  • Prepare for an increasingly globalised world

Enjoy an Amazing Program

We want you to have a unforgettable experience when studying, and also while participating in our carefully selected extra-curricular activities. We promise you, your time in India will never get boring.

Join our extra-curricular activities:

  • Unravel the secrets of New Delhi, India's buzzling capital
  • Travel and discover places like Ajmer, Braj and Orchha
  • Practice Yoga and meditation
  • Make new friends, both from India and from all over the world
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